Gödence Agricultural Development Cooperative was founded in 1972 under the chairmanship of Abdullah DURAN by Halil HAYTA, Mehmet Ali ALGIN, Mustafa MÜLAYİM, Ümmet AYTEKİN, Muzafer USLU and Ali ÇETİN.  Bringing electricity to the village in 1974 and establishing an oil factory has been achieved through a social excitement and collaborative method.

Gödence Agricultural Development Cooperative, which has 130 partners, started a planned working period in 1992 under the presidency of Çağatay Özcan Kokulu. In 1993 branding process
has begun. In 1995 and 2005, technological innovations were realized and olive oil storage facilities were established. Currently, Gödence Agricultural Development Cooperative has a world-class industrial establishment and olive oil storage facilities.

Human resources education, its development, and protection of cultural and social values have always taken the first place of the work carried out in Gödence.


Gödence Tarımsal Kalkınma Kooperatifi

Seferihisar / İzmir



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