Çağatay Özcan KOKULU Chairman
Mehmet Ali HAYTA2. Chairman
Mehmet Ali KARABoard Member
Ahmet ÖZGÖRENBoard Member
Ahmet DURANBoard Member

Manager’s Message.

It is thought that cooperatives for agricultural purposes only belong to producers and only protect the rights and laws of their own members.
It is true, cooperatives for agricultural purposes are organizations established by producers. They aim to increase their quality of life and to create a very solid basis for them, together with regional development. Starting from the field, they plan and implement all production activities with a superior understanding of quality.
Harvest, product processing, storage, packaging, food safety and market presentation are all for the health and taste of the consumer. For that reason, agricultural cooperatives are the consumer's greatest and most reliable friend. They are a solid bridge between the producer and the consumer, and the solid building blocks of our social structure.
Gödence Agricultural Development Cooperative has such an understanding. While completing 44 years in production activities, the protection of our cultural and social values as well as economic activities is taken into consideration very seriously.
It is believed that the preservation of small family farming, the fact that the agriculture-based industry is the property of the producers through cooperatives, will thus protect both the producers and the consumers.

Çağatay Özcan KOKULU
Chairman of the Executive Board


Gödence Tarımsal Kalkınma Kooperatifi

Seferihisar / İzmir



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