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Gödence Agricultural Development Cooperative, which has an important place in the Turkish Agricultural Cooperative Movement celebrated its 50th Anniversary. GÖDENCE DOCUMENTARY movie was watched in the 50th Anniversary of İzmir Cooperative Movement which is filmed and prepared by Nilgün-Ramadan Emiroğlu and performed by Macit Sonkan. The 22nd National Agricultural Achievement Awards, which could not be held due to virus pandemic bans, found their owners. As always, Gödence hosted its distinguished guests. Chairman Kokulu pointed about future in his speech.
We are happy to see you at the 50th Celebration event. CEREMONY PROGRAM 18.30 Guests check-in to Gödence, welcome 19.00 Gödence cocktail with local foods 20.00 50th Anniversary speech 20.15 Distribution of 22nd National Gödence Agricultural Achievement Awards 21.00 Documentary film / Gala 22.00 Mini concert 23.00 Closing
Salihli Vizyon magazine, which made a long interview with our Cooperative Chairman Çağatay Özcan Kokulu, presented to its readers the details about the agricultural development in Gödence and Gödence with its unique nature. You can read the interview of our Cooperative President Çağatay Özcan Kokulu, which is presented in the February 2021 issue of Salihli Vizyon Magazine, with the title “The best example in olive cooperatives: Gödence”, in which he describes Gödence and our Cooperative in all its details, by…
We were guests of İzmir Life Magazine, February 2021 issue as Gödence Cooperative.İzmir Life magazine, which made a long interview with our Cooperative President Çağatay Özcan Kokulu, presented to its readers the details about the agricultural development in Gödence and Gödence with its unique nature."The world knows Gödence" on the cover page of İzmir Life magazine's February 2021 issue . You can read the interview of our Cooperative President Çağatay Özcan Kokulu, in which he describes Gödence and our Cooperative…
Gödence Agricultural Cooperative 47th Ordinary Board of Directors meeting was held on 12.05.2019. The management is determined as below. Çağatay Özcan Kokulu Chairman Mehmet Ali HAYTA Chairman Mehmet Ali KARA board member Ahmet ÖZGOREN board member Ahmet DURAN board member
The book "ikisi sanayide çırak biri kayıp " written by our chairman of the board of directors, Çağatay Özcan Kokulu and published by Gödence Publications, has been released. You can call our cooperative and get information and get the book. 0232 749 00 15 The comments of our esteemed artist Macit Sonkan about our book are as follows; "May God protect his loved ones from unnecessary reading," said the French poet Beaudelaire. We can consciously say that people fall into…
May'ın Gözyaşları, written by our chairman of the board of directors, describing the organization of producers and the events of the 1970s in a poetic language, was published as Gödence publication. The book can be requested from Gödence Agricultural Cooperative. WHAT DID THE READERS SAY ABOUT MAYISIN GÖZYAŞLARI? - While reading, you get emotionally choked from time to time, you can't hold back your tears. A story like poetry. A novel with a story. Türkan MICOOĞULLARI / CHP Former İzmir…
Gödence Agricultural Cooperative ordinary meeting of the board of directors was held on 07.05.2017. The management is determined as follows. Çağatay Özcan Kokullu, Chairman of the Board of Directors Board MembersMehmet Ali HaytaAhmet Duran
With the contributions of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the machinery equipment of the cooperative olive oil plant was completely renewed. The production quality has been increased with the latest technology used. With the 50% grant support of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, 3 phase olive oil production was started to 2 phase production. A cleaner environment was ensured to increase the production
The fourth conference of the Grape's Journey in the Mediterranean conference series organized by Izmir Mediterranean Academy took place on Saturday, 12 November 2016 at 16:00 at Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center. At the symposium organized by the Mediterranean Academy, our Chairman of the Board, Ç.Özcan Kokulu, presented a paper on "The Red Mountains, the table grape region of Izmir, and the place and importance of the region in the historical process". Am I going to call you "My President…
In Gödence Agricultural Cooperative, education of human resources, increasing the quality of life and protection of social values are given great importance. Gödence hosts local and foreign guests who are interested in farmer organization, cooperatives and developments in the olive oil sector.
National Agricultural Achievement Awards, domestic and international visits to Gödence, conferences and interviews. In Gödence, as much as economic developments, social and cultural developments and the protection of social values are of great importance. Based on this idea, success awards are given to individuals and institutions that contribute to the development of Turkish agriculture.
The peninsula's most beautiful olive oil competition, which includes the peninsula (Urla, Çeşme, Seferihisar and Karaburun districts), has now become a tradition. Olive oil samples that come to Gödence Agricultural Development Cooperative by the olive producer are coded confidentially and evaluated by the jury members, who have a tasting certificate under the supervision of the National Olive and Olive Oil Council. The products of the olive oil farmers who are ranked high are purchased by the cooperative at high prices…


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