It is estimated that the history of Gödence dates back to ancient times, three thousand years ago. Ionians, Persians, Lydians, Spartans, Macedonians, Byzantines and Romans lived in the region, followed by Seljuks and Ottomans. Gödence was the region of wine and olive oil production at the ancient city of Teos. Today’s Akarca Shore and Sığacık were the most important ports of ions. Wine and olive oil were shipped to 12 Ionian cities from these ports. The temple of Dionysus, located in the ancient city of Teos in the district of Seferihisar, is one of the largest temples built in the name of Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility in Anatolia. The city of Teos was the most important place of ancient times in culture, art and trade.

The city was the center of the theatre and during festivals, the wine was flowing from fountains. In the 3rd century BC, the Ionian actors' union was established here for the first time. It is known that a group of Seljuk Turkmens from Konya Hadim region migrated and settled in Gödence in the early 1800s.


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Manager’s Message.

It is thought that cooperatives for agricultural purposes only belong to producers and only protect the rights and laws of their own members.
It is true, cooperatives for agricultural purposes are organizations established by producers. They aim to increase their quality of life and to create a very solid basis for them, together with regional development. Starting from the field, they plan and implement all production activities with a superior understanding of quality.
Harvest, product processing, storage, packaging, food safety and market presentation are all for the health and taste of the consumer. For that reason, agricultural cooperatives are the consumer's greatest and most reliable friend. They are a solid bridge between the producer and the consumer, and the solid building blocks of our social structure.
Gödence Agricultural Development Cooperative has such an understanding. While completing 44 years in production activities, the protection of our cultural and social values as well as economic activities is taken into consideration very seriously.
It is believed that the preservation of small family farming, the fact that the agriculture-based industry is the property of the producers through cooperatives, will thus protect both the producers and the consumers.

Çağatay Özcan KOKULU
Chairman of the Executive Board

In Gödence “Quality” concept is the essence of the business. All work is aimed at making perfect production.

Gödence Agricultural Development Cooperative has switched to plastic, porous fruit cases to be used in olive harvest 20 years ago. It has distributed free cases to its partners. Because quality concepts begin in the field and olive groves. Fermentation and bad odors formed in olives transported in bags are prevented.

The olive fly, which damages the olive fruit, causes acid elevations and chemical changes, cannot live in this region depending on the humidity in Gödence and Kızıldağ. For this reason, chemical control is not carried out and pesticides are not used.

Our olive oils; It is made by “Cold Press” method in a temperature of 28°.

Our olive oils; Gödence Agricultural Development Cooperative has a steel chrome-nickel 100-ton olive oil storage facilities with thermal insulation designed at 12-15 degrees.

Our olive oils; On-site production, cold-pressed storage and a local flavor patiently wait to meet the consumer.

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