Gödence Mastic Gum

The first domestic brand; Gödence….
It is known that in the early 1900s, after viticulture and olive cultivation in the Peninsula, the production of "Gum Mastic" was a third-degree agricultural activity. The production and trade of mastic gum will be the main reason for the problems experienced later, as Greek citizens are in the fields of occupation. During the National War of Independence, the gum tree will also experience the great pains of Anatolia, together with the Greeks who migrated from the Peninsula to Greece and the islands after the war.

Many patriotic people, universities and some institutions who want to bring gum production back to the agenda of the Peninsula have been making a serious effort for a long time. Gödence Agricultural Development Cooperative is just one of these institutions. Gödence's dealing with chewing gum dates back to ancient times. Gödence is the starting place where mastic grafting is done on the Çitlenbik tree. The mastic trees grafted on the chinchilla tree over 150 years old are still alive as monumental trees. Gödence is the only place that is the brand of chewing gum production, even if its harvest is low.

*For more detailed information, you can apply to the Presidency of Gödence Agricultural Development Cooperative.




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