The Importance of Gödence and Kızıldağ

Starting from the ridges of Seferihisar Doğanbey and Ürkmez, Kızıldağlar, drawing a very wide arc, reaches Kilizman and Balcova at one end and Menderes district at the other end. Kızıldağlar is an extraordinarily important region for İzmir. Because these mountains, with their endless red pine forests, are the lungs of İzmir.

Kızıldağlar, the only precipitation and water basin for İzmir, is still clean. It gives winter water to Tahtalı dam, where İzmir uses drinking water. The skirts of Kızıldağ are of extraordinary importance with Tahtalı dam, Seferihisar dam, Balcova dam, Ulamış, Kavakdre, Sandı, Payamlı, Bademler ponds. This geography, which takes the sea winds to its peaks with its deep valleys and stream beds, has a unique ecology.

Efemçukuru, Payamlı, Kavacık, Camtepe and Gödence villages are our villages at the peaks of Kızıldağ.

The cultivation of table and wine grapes and olives is characteristic of the region.

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